A Must to read for all singles and married ones: 11 Things to know about marriage

by Elisha Akintola

  • Marriage is a lifetime commitment that has to be enjoyed and not to be endured
  • Marriage is not something anybody will jump into and expects everything to be better.
  • You are expected to marry someone who will celebrate your weaknesses or someone who will see your weaknesses as an opportunity to exercise his/her strength.
  • Though, every relationship/marriage has its challenges. But the ability to overcome them,without hurting each other is what makes the difference.
  • Tough times are inevitable in every relationship. In fact, tough times are the most testing phases of a relationship/marriage.
  •  Always be a shoulder to lean on, when things aren't moving well. In fact,overcoming tough times eliminate fear, strengthen trust and make Love shines brighter.
  • Remember, we can only see the beauty of a star when it gets darker.
  • Difficult times are when your partner needs you most.
  • Sometimes, what a person needs to scale through difficult times are words of encouragement.
  • Husband and wife are for each other, obligation is no favor to anyone.
  • Anything you do to put smiles on the face of your spouse is not a favor, you just performed your duty.. 
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