Glo cheapest Night Plan: 250mb for N25, 500mb for N50 and 1GB for N100

Glo has introduced yet another wonderful night plan data offer. This night plan data offer is available to all Glo subscribers. 

It's no doubt that Glo offers the cheapest data plan in Nigeria. Despite the bad or perhaps slow network, many people still use Glo even as their primary SIM card.

Although, in some areas, Glo network is actually very okay to browse with even during the day and at night. Of course, at night when many people are asleep, the network is no longer crowded so it works smoothly and fast.
Here is how to activate Glo night plan offer.

How to Activate Night plan on Glo; 250mb for N25, 500mb for N50 and 1GB for N100.

  • Simply dial *777#
  • Select 1
  • Select 1 again
  • Enter 7 
  • Select any Night plan offer and click send
The offers are as follows;

250mbN251 day
500mbN501 day
1GBN1005 days

Now that's how to subscribe to Night plan on Glo be it N25 for 250mb, N50 for 500mb or N100 for 1GB.

Please don't forget to share to your friends and family, especially if you have friend that stay awake throughout the night.

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