How to Save WhatsApp Status Using Xender

WhatsApp status is one of the things that interest people on WhatsApp because it contains funny Videos,Comedies, Pictures, songs etc. posted by friends and families. 

What is Xender?
Xender is an application on android phones, that permits the exchange of Music, videos, pictures etc. with your friends without taking time. Xender app transfers files very quickly than Bluetooth.

A lot of people had been complaining about how they can save pictures and videos from their friend without bothering their friends to send them. You don't need Whatsapp status saver application to save your friends status,  

So do you know you can download WhatsApp status using Xender?

How to Save WhatsApp Status Using Xender

  • Firstly, Download Xender from PlayStore or App Store
  • Open the application
  • Navigate to Social at the bottom of the Xender home screen
  • Then Click connect
  • Go back to Xender, all the status that has been uploaded will be shown there
  • Simply click on the download icon and Whatsapp video or photo will be saved to your storage.

That's all. It is not limited to android phone users alone but the tip also work on iphones.

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