5 Hidden features you probably don't know about Whatsapp

WhatsApp is widely known and used by billions of people globally. Even your mum and dad use WhatsApp and whether you’ve just started to used WhatsApp or you have been using it for years, there are still some hidden features you don’t know about WhatsApp.

Fortunately, we have gathered some very helpful and useful tips and making known to you the hidden features of WhatsApp you probably never knew about.

Table of Contents

1. Send a message without saving number
2. Forward messages to more than 5 persons
3. Stylish Text
4. Find out the exact time when your message was read
5. Stop interrupting messages with pause it

1. Send a Message without saving number

85% out of 100 people reading this post might have probably come across such occasions where you tried to send a message to someone through WhatsApp without saving the number.
Yes, you can actually send a message to anybody without saving the number. All you have to do is open your web browser > type in the number into the address bar using the URL https://wa.me/thenumber e.g https://wa.me/2348146521872.

2. Forward messages to more than 5 persons

Few years back, WhatsApp users were always complaining of fake news and forwarded messages across contacts. This became very annoying and WhatsApp officials had to find a way to reduce the issue, so they reduced the amount of people you can forward a message to at once.
However, not everyone on WhatsApp shares fake news and this feature that WhatsApp had added to reduce spreading of fake news affected both the innocent business men using WhatsApp as a medium to reach their customers and all.
But there’s still a feature on WhatsApp that allows you to forward messages to more than 5 contacts at once.
All you have to do to send message to more than 5 contacts at once is;
  • Open Whatsapp
  • Click on the three dots at the top right corner
  • Tap on New broadcast
  • Select the contacts you want to forward the messages to
  • Enter the message and send.

3. Stylish Text

Maybe your friend has sent you a message on WhatsApp with a different font kind of stylish text, you don’t know how he or she had done that but you also want to use stylish text. All you have to do is Open PlayStore> Search for Stylish text> install the application.
Enable the floating bubble, and then you can change the your WhatsApp font when sending a message to anybody and it will just the way you sent it from your device on the person’s phone. How interesting!!

4. Find out the exact time when your message was read

This feature is mostly relevant to lovers and their partners. It allows you know the exact time you sent a message and the time the message was read by the receiver. All you have to do is;
  • Click and hold on the message
  • Tap on the three dots on the top right corner
  • Select info
  • You’ll find the time the message was delivered and the time the receiver read it.

5. Stop interrupting messages with Pause it.

Have you ever been watching a movie maybe on Netflix or Amazon prime etc. and then a WhatsApp message notification pop-ups to interrupt the movie. I know how frustrating it could be. So what you have to do here is just Download Pause it from PlayStore. This application allows you to do anything on your phone without being interrupted with WhatsApp messages.

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