Argument; Quick act to make enemies and why you should avoid it

Weeks ago, I was influenced by a picture and got myself in an argumentative scene, though it’s a matter of choice, you may choose not to say anything, but in a situation you want to prove something, you would talk and rant (till everything becomes pointless). I wanted to tell the person he was wrong, but what? That will leave me nothing but rather depicts me as a bad fellow in the subconscious mind of that other fellow.

Before my sleeping moment that very day, I had thoughts and a deep one, thoughtfully, I could learn from Dale Carnegie’s book about people, and then I realized I was wrong.

Come to think of it; will the person think I’m the smartest and agree with me? NO! Probably the dumb one and the moment became an invaluable moment with a lesson.

Why should I prove he was wrong? Will I be liked by doing that? Should I just leave him and let him save his face? 
You know the funniest of all; he didn’t ask for any one’s opinion, why then argue with such person?

Do you know an argument can never be won? If you win; you lose it and if you lose it; you lose it, simple.

Whenever you are under the acute effect of argument, do you think about the other person? What about him? What about his feelings? Won’t you hurt his pride and sealed him in a note? Do you think he will rejoice over your victory? No; he will resent you.

“If you argue and contradict, you may achieve a victory sometimes; but it will be an empty victory because you will never get your opponent’s good will” – Ben Franklin

You can’t end a misunderstanding with an argument but diplomacy and conciliation to see other person’s viewpoint will do (in someone's voice)

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