Ladies deserve respect (part 1)


You have been cooking,washing,ironing and even giving sex to someone you don't know his decision towards you yet, you are trying hard to make him see a better and marriable you🤔

You are more than that, anyone that can't access God before access you is a scam, come out of that trial and error and see God prepare the table of a responsible man for you🥺

If you like be 35 and let the lady be 20 in as much as you saw something in her that makes you think she is the one for you, you have both become mate

You know some guys can be funny 

Any little thing they will remind you of the age difference between the two of you

Let me ask a question from such people o

You didn't see your age mate when you are shamelessly toasting and chasing her around?🤷‍♀️

And you are even telling her you have five siblings that are older than her, why you no marry one of them?

Why do you have to bring her in to be subjected to you

This has nothing to do with submission o, if you think submission is in your wife kneeling down and calling you daddy, you need counseling🤔

In fact it will be very difficult or even impossible for someone that you other around and impose things on to submit to you

If you treat her with love, care and respect she will over submit to your authority

Treat her with respect and watch her treat you as her king

Treat her like trash and see the stubbornness part of her.

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