Knowledge simply means facts, information and skills acquired through experience or education; the theoretical or practical understanding of a subject. Knowledge is the state of being aware about something; general understanding or familiarity with a subject, place and situation etc.

Knowledge entails the possession of facts, truth and principle as related to situation or discourse. It is one of the most important tools this century needs. However, it cannot be overemphasized in skyrocketing one into greatness. A lot of people are really prayerful and hardworking but still unfruitful, not because they are weak in fasting or praying but just because they lack knowledge on what they do. 

Knowledge serves as the fuel needed in one's vehicle to either speed up, slow down or stop at a spot. This can be determined by the amount of it one possesses. It unveils one's eyes to the truth and closes one's heart against ignorant. 

The day one stops equipping oneself with knowledge, that very moment one begins to loose value. Wisdom is produced as a result of the knowledge one has. Once one is ignorant of something, one is put in the dark, Remember, you can't be wiser than what you don't know. 

Everything a man becomes is a function of his discoveries (Knowledge). You can never be higher than the knowledge you are exposed to. For example, A 1 gig memory card can't function as a 5 gig memory card. What you posses is what you dish out to others.

A lot of Christians are on the mountain praying and fasting vigorously  but they get no answer to their prayers because they have no understanding on what they are praying for. Unfortunately, They are asking God to do what He already commanded them to do. A lot of Christians fail exam just because they thought prayer and fasting will do what knowledge should do. So sad, They fast and pray when they should read, On the verge, they loose strength to read because they've misplaced their priorities. Prayer does not give you an automatic ticket to succeed rather it add favour to your knowledge. However, i am not against fasting and prayer but perfect your part and let God finish up His work. God doesn't bless nothing. 

I have seen a lot of Christians fasting without praying, it doesn’t work that way, in fact fasting without prayer will only result to a hunger strike. The Devil is aware of this, so he allows Christians to fast without seeing reasons to pray. 

Ignorance is the greatest disease a man can ever have. There isn't ignorant at the law court they say. The moment you expose yourself to knowledge, ignorance disappears. What makes people perish is not fasting or prayer rather it is the inability to expose themselves to knowledge (Hosea 4:6). There is a rejection that comes from God each time a man reject Knowledge. Nothing can stop the rejection unless you are exposed to knowledge. Lack of knowledge destroys a man to the extent to which prayer cannot build unless you retrace yourself in getting knowledge. Anyone that hates or despise knowledge is a fool no matter how they appear. Out of ignorance, a lot of Christians comes to the church with their occupation tools so as to pray on it to prosper just because a pastor said so. In search for deliverance, lot of people had been asked to eat grasses, cut themselves, and do a lot of shocking/ fearful things just to have an answered prayer. IGNORANCE!!! God is not interested in any materials things to do what he wanted to do. The Devil and false ministers will always take advantage of you once you don’t know. The power over evil spirits and Devil is in the ministry of the Knowledge (The Word of God). God is not concerned about those things because our Faith does not depend on visible materials rather we are saved by things that are not visible (Romans 8:24). He has given us “The power of the Cross, The Blood of Jesus, Power of His resurrection, Power of the Holy Spirit, etc. Just believe on the unseen things He has given us and you will be surprised as He encounters you.

You want to start a business or go into marriage, there is a need to study and gather knowledge. Don’t start climbing mountains about to pray when you have not even acquire any knowledge. There is a wave and storm that blows whatever a man do and we can only overcome the storm as a result of the knowledge we have. Once you don’t’ have the knowledge, forget prayers. A lot of people had spent a lot of years in their profession / Business and they wonder why they are not progressing. It is because they did not update themselves with recent knowledge and skills.. 


In conclusion, Ageing does not give you a default knowledge to know. As a matter of fact you can be ageing and still be a fool if you don’t pursue knowledge. Pursue knowledge, though it may cost you money, resources and time but keep pursuing it because no knowledge is lost

Thanks for reading and make sure you share with your loved ones. I love you all.



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